Most cited 2019
Most cited articles in 2019 from the 2 previous years

1. E-smoking: emerging public health problem?
Mateusz Jankowski, Grzegorz Brożek, Joshua Lawson, Szymon Skoczyński, Jan Eugeniusz Zejda
2. Impact of air pollution on depression and suicide
Anna Gładka, Joanna Rymaszewska, Tomasz Zatoński
3. Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors – a meta-analysis
Alicja Bortkiewicz, Elżbieta Gadzicka, Wiesław Szymczak
4. Employment outcomes for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorder: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Viviana R. Carmona, Juana Gómez-Benito, Tania B. Huedo-Medina, J. Emilio Rojo
5. Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of occupational physicians towards vaccinations of health care workers: a cross sectional pilot study in north-eastern Italy
Matteo Riccò, Silvia Cattani, Franca Casagranda, Giovanni Gualerzi, Carlo Signorelli
6. Lag time structure of cardiovascular deaths attributed to ambient air pollutants in Ahvaz, Iran, 2008–2015
Maryam Dastoorpoor, Gholamreza Goudarzi, Narges Khanjani, Esmaeil Idani, Hamidreza Aghababaeian, Abbas Bahrampour
7. Air temperature exposure and agricultural occupational injuries in the autonomous province of Trento (2000–2013, North-Eastern Italy)
Matteo Ricco
8. Lipopolysaccharide accelerates fine particulate matter-induced cell apoptosis in human lung bronchial epithelial cells
Qin Ru, Qi Xiong, Lin Chen, Xiang Tian, Kai Yue, Baomiao Ma, Lu Liu, Rihui Wu, Congyue Xu, Mingshan Pi, Chaoying Li
9. Absorbed doses for patients undergoing panoramic radiography, cephalometric radiography and CBCT
Małgorzata Wrzesień, Jerzy Olszewski
10. Did legal regulations change the reporting frequency of sharp injuries of medical personnel? Study from 36 hospitals in Łódź province, Poland
Anna Garus-Pakowska, Mariusz Górajski, Franciszek Szatko

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