A systematic review to determine reliability and usefulness of the field-based test batteries for the assessment of physical fitness in adolescents – The ASSO Project
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University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy (Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Unit)
University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom (Department of Life and Sport Science, School of Science)
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar (Department of Sport Science, College of Arts and Sciences)
University of Padua, Padua, Italy (Department of Biomedical Sciences)
University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy (Department of Sciences for Health Promotion and Mother Child Care “G. D’Alessandro”)
Corresponding author
Antonino Bianco   

University of Palermo, Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Unit, Via Giovanni Pascoli 6, 90144 Palermo, Italy
Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2015;28(3):445-78
The aim of the present review is to investigate the main field-based tests, used alone or included in sport or fitness batteries, for the assessment of health- and skill-related physical fitness components in adolescents. Different scientific databases were searched through using the selected key words related to physical fitness and its components for adolescence. The search focused on original articles and reviews/meta-analyses using valid, reproducible and feasible tests that fit within the school environment. A total of 100 scientific manuscripts were included in the qualitative synthesis. The present systematic review pointed out 5 fitness tests that well adapt to the evaluation of the components of physical fitness of adolescents within a school environment: the 20 m shuttle run test for cardio-respiratory endurance; the handgrip strength test for upper body maximal strength; the standing broad jump test for lower body maximal strength; the sit-up test to exhaustion for muscular endurance and the 4×10 m shuttle run test for speed, agility and coordination. These fitness tests have been finally selected and incorporated into the Adolescents and Surveillance System for the Obesity prevention – Fitness Test Battery (ASSO-FTB), and will be adopted within the ASSO Project for evaluation purposes. This instrument could be also provided to teachers and people working in schools in order to assess physical fitness of adolescents over time and prevent obesity and related diseases.
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