Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility to the website of the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health
The editors of the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health undertake to ensure the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Law of April 4, 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The accessibility statement applies to the website available at
• Publication date: 2022-10-19
• Date of last major update: 2022-10-19

Status in terms of compliance with the law
The website is partially compliant with the law on digital accessibility of public entity websites and mobile applications due to incompatibilities or exclusions listed below.

Inaccessible content
• No sign language interpreter available.

• Files produced by entities other than the Editorial Board of the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health and submitted for publication as paper copies or scans are not available due to lack of access to source data.

Keyboard shortcuts
• You can use standard browser keyboard shortcuts on the website.

Preparation of the declaration
• Date of preparation of the declaration: 2022-10-19.

Anyone has the right to:
• make comments on the accessibility of the digital site or its element;
• make a request to ensure the availability of a digital site or its element;
• request that the inaccessible information be made available in another alternative form.

The submission must include:
• contact information of the reporting person;
• indication of the page or page element to which the request relates;
• indication of a convenient form of making the information available, if the notification concerns making the inaccessible information available in an alternative form.
Consideration of the notification will be carried out immediately, within 7 days at the latest. If within this period it is not possible to provide accessibility or provide access in an alternative form, it should take place within 2 months from the date of notification at the latest.

Contact information
• responsible for processing requests for comments and requests regarding the website is: Anna Maćkowiak
• submissions can be sent by mail or e-mail to:
• address: św. Teresy 8, 91-348 Łódź, Poland
• email:
• phone: +48 42 6314 673

Complaints about the failure to meet the above deadlines and about the refusal to process an application may be submitted to the Director of the Prof. J. Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź by mail or e-mail to:
Director of the Occupational Medicine Institute in Łódź
address: św. Teresa 8, 91-348 Łódź, Poland
phone: +48 42 631 45 04
Complaints can also be submitted to the Ombudsman:
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