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General review guidelines

About the journal

“International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health” (IJOMEH) is an English-language bimonthly published journal established in 1988 by Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź (Poland) and the Polish Society of Occupational Medicine.

The journal is dedicated to present the contemporary research in occupational and environmental health from all over the world. It publishes editorials, original papers, information on occupational and environmental health policies, review and discussion papers, instructive case reports, letters to the Editor and book reviews.

Specific information

An article submitted for publication is subjected to a double-blind peer-review process participated by at least 2 referees.

Articles are sent to referees in an anonymous form, i.e. names and other personal data of the author(s) are deleted from them. Referees also remain anonymous – the author(s) receive no information regarding the referees reviewing their articles.

A review should be prepared in English on review form in IJOMEH Editorial System (

Due to IJOMEH publication schedules, a review should be prepared and submitted to the editorial office within 21 days since the day of receiving an article. If a referee is not capable of completing this task within such deadline, the reviewer should inform us about it instantly after receiving the article for a review via IJOMEH Editorial System.

General review guidelines

Referees are asked to prepare a detailed review evaluating the content of the article. Poor level of English, making the paper difficult to understand should be reported by a referee, nevertheless it should not be a decisive factor leading to the paper being dismissed.

A referee evaluates selected aspects of reviewed articles:
– if the subject is contained within the problems dealt with by IJOMEH,
– if the article is an original paper, review paper, other (short communication, case report etc.),
– if the title of the manuscript clearly and sufficiently reflects its content,
– if the figures, charts and tables are acceptable,
– if all the assumptions are clearly stated,
– if data and results are accurately and properly appraised,
– if the statistical analysis is satisfactory,
– if the relevance and application of the work are made apparent,
– if the interpretations and conclusions are sound and justified by the data,
– if the references are relevant,
– if there are any possible additions or amendments that will increase the value of this manuscript,
– if there are any suggested reductions (or deletions) in the manuscript,
– what is the quality of the language (written in proper English, needs verification, needs rewriting by the Author),
– if its terminology is correct,
– if an abstract informs the reader about the content of the paper in a short but sufficient way,
– if the manuscript is free from commercialism,
– if you are aware of prior publication of this work.

Final recommendation – options

a. Accept
b. Minor revision
c. Major revision
d. Reject

Both acceptance and dismissal of a paper require justification.

Revision of manuscript

If a paper requires changes, a referee should indicate suggested corrections in a clear way. A corrected article will be sent to the same referee for revision (several revisions are possible).

The referees are asked to revise the article and send their recommendation concerning publication of the article within 14 days to the Editorial Office.

In case of any doubts please contact us.

Vouchers for Reviewers

Vouchers are granted from May 6, 2022.
Vouchers for reviewers terms and condition (PDF)
Vouchers for reviewers terms and conditions until 2023 May 31 (PDF)
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