Most cited 2023

Most cited articles in 2023 from the 2 previous years

1. Neuropathic pain and chronic pain as an underestimated interdisciplinary problem
Anna K. Szewczyk, Anna Jamroz-Wiśniewska, Natalia Haratym, Konrad Rejdak
2. Mindfulness in healthcare professionals and medical education
Jacek Chmielewski, Kacper Łoś, Włodzimierz Łuczyński
3. Sources of healthcare workers’ COVID‑19 infections and related safety guidelines
Lotta-Maria A.H. Oksanen, Enni Sanmark, Sampo A. Oksanen, Veli-Jukka Anttila, Jussi J. Paterno, Maija Lappalainen, et al.
4. The overview of current evidence on the reproductive toxicity of dibutyl phthalate
Ewelina Czubacka, Sławomir Czerczak, Małgorzata Mirosława Kupczewska-Dobecka
5. Predictors of stress among emergency medical personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic
Tomasz Ilczak, Małgorzata Rak, Michał Ćwiertnia, Monika Mikulska, Wioletta Waksmańska, Anna Krakowiak, et al.
6. Work stress-related problems in physicians in the time of COVID-19
Francis Somville, Gert Vanspringel, Harald De Cauwer, Erik Franck, Peter Van Bogaert
7. Evaluation of computer workstations ergonomics and its relationship with reported musculoskeletal and visual symptoms among university employees in Jordan
Batool Sama’an Shahwan, Waddah Mohammad D'emeh, Mohammed Ibrahim Yacoub
8. Changes in mental well-being of adult Poles in the early period of the COVID-19 pandemic with reference to their occupational activity and remote work
Zbigniew Waldemar Izdebski, Joanna Mazur
9. Evaluation of differential serum expression of three factors and pulmonary function in patients with silicosis
Ying Zhu, Xia Yu Duan, Yun Qi Cheng, Xin Jing Yao, Hong Xu, Kui Sheng Zhang, et al.
10. The role of probiotic intervention in regulating gut microbiota, short-chain fatty acids and depression-like behavior in lead-exposed rats
Xiaojun Chen, Shujuan Meng, Yongli Yu, Shuang Li, Lei Wu, Yanshu Zhang

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