Psychometric properties of the polish version of the Job-related Affective Well-being Scale
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Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland
Faculty of Psychology, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warszawa, Poland
Department of Psychology, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Department of Psychology, Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2014;27(6):993-1004
Objectives: The aim of this study was to verify psychometric properties of the Polish version of the Job-related Affective Well-being Scale (JAWS). Specifically, theoretical 4-factor structure (based on the dimensions of pleasure and arousal) and reliability of the original - 20-item JAWS (van Katwyk et al., 2000) and the shortened - 12-item (Schaufeli and Van Rhenen, 2006) versions were tested. Material and Methods: Two independent samples were analyzed (police officers, N = 395, and police recruits, N = 202). The Polish version of the original, 20-item, JAWS was used to measure job-related affective states across the past month (van Katwyk et al., 2000). This version of JAWS includes 2 dimensions: valence and arousal, which allow to assess 4 categories of emotions: low-arousal positive emotions, high-arousal positive emotions, lowarousal negative emotions and high-arousal negative emotions. Results: The results of multidimensional scaling analysis showed that the theoretical circumplex model of emotions underlining JAWS was satisfactorily reproduced. Also the hypothesized 4-factor structure of the Polish version of JAWS was confirmed. The 12-item version had better fit with the data than the original, 20-item, version, but the best fit was obtained for the even shorter, 8-item version. This version emerged from a multidimensional scaling of the 12-item version. Reliabilities of the 20- and 12-item versions were good, with lower values for the 8-item JAWS version. Conclusions: The findings confirmed satisfactory psychometric properties of both Polish versions of the Job-related Affective Well-being Scale. Thus, when both psychometric properties and relevance for cross-cultural comparisons are considered, the 12-item JAWS is recommended as a version of choice.
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